Internationale Reikimeisterliste:


Black Feather Medicine:
I was born with a birthmark of a frog on my chest, on the right side (the "male" side), a symbol of what I´m to "do" in this life.
Frog is one of the medicines a shaman will call in to help clear energies that are no longer serving. I suppose that means that I was born into my mission.
I illustrate and illuminate what´s in people´s shadows and make it easy for them to release things they no longer need, so that they can access the gifts hidden there and move forward into a realization of their true, expansive, empowered selves.
I have an especial talent for bringing gentle healing and fun into what peorple usually expect to be a scary or otherwise difficult ordeal (but don´t take my word for it, read the testimonials on my blogsite)

"I am not your teacher. Your heart called me here to remind you that You are your teacher"




DAS HEILE WELT BUCH - Wie das Lächeln zum Berg kam - 64 Tage Persönlichkeitsentwicklung mit deinem Seelenbuch